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SRT LOGO Youth Service




Significant facts which helped the establishment of LOGO:

  • MI-TI Youth Information and Counselling Office

It existed since the ‘90s in the Cultural and Youth Centre of Vas County (located in Szombathely) but its role was fallen back by 2000.

  • Youth Research in Vas County in 1999
  • Youth Project Plan in Vas County in 2000

  • Good co-operations among the local governments (city of Szombathely and county of Vas), NGOs, youth institutions, student governments.

  • LOGO Jugend Service, LOGO Mobil – Graz (Austria)

An existing model, which was possible to adopt.

logo_atadas.jpg mobil_atadas.jpg

  • An inviting application by the Youth and Sport Ministry in 2001, which the local government of Vas applied for.

With all the help of the facts mentioned above, our Service opened its doors on the 27th of November in 2002 in the Cultural and Youth Centre of Vas County.

Philosophy of the MMIK LOGO Youth Service

To help all young people without exception, mainly those who are aged between 12 and 30, to learn and understand their rights, obligations and the institutional systems around them, to make the choices they face in their lives and to make their life complete.

We assist them in developing and maturing their personality, finding solutions to their everyday problems, overcoming the disadvantages that might arise because of their age and conditions, ensuring their equal opportunities.

Our services are based on the needs of young people.




Youth office

Free services:

  • Providing information 
  • Qualified youth information worker
  • Free internet
  • Own website:
  • Reading corner with daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines

§ Counsellings

  • Mental help counselling
  • Counselling on youth and student rights
  • Counselling on drug prevention
  • Eurodesk
  • Counselling on educational and career

§ Youth leisure dub/centre

  • Kicker, billiard, board games, cards
  • Meeting point
  • Group room

Opening hours*

  • Monday 12.30-18.00
  • Tuesday 12.30-18.00
  • Wednesday 12.30-18.00
  • Thursday 12.30-18.00
  • Friday 12.30-18.00
  • * It can be changed because of programs
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Out-reach youth work

The main function of our out-reach youth work is to work in the countryside, with the aim to provide information and do counselling and community developing activities in the area where the young people live, work or study. 

  • LOGO-Mobil

A yellow minibus, which works with the aim of drug prevention (in Szombathely and Vas county) and encourages young people to spend their free time in an useful way by:

  • providing information (general and youth information with informational flyers, brochures and laptop with wireless internet access)
  • educating through sport, and doing health promotion (with sport activities and games)
  • providing a qualified youth worker

The service can be ordered in Vas county for institutions, NGOs dealing with young people and for local governments.

2_LOGO_Mobil.jpg K__p1.jpg

3_LOGO_Mobil.jpg 4_LOGO_Mobil.jpg

§ Other services

For formal and informal groups of youngsters

  • Presentations (about LOGO, international possibilities)
  • Workshops (community games, fighting against racism, human-rights)

At conferences and programs we set up a stand, with

  • Informational flyers, brochures, booklets,
  • Activities and skill-development games



Youth culture

§ Running youth clubs

  • LOGO Peer Supporter’s Club
  • Drog A’rt Stage

Organising programs in the youth leisure dub/centre

Organising programs out of the youth leisure dub/centre

Organising youth camps, trainings, workshops



osszetartozunk_tabor.jpg Szintetizalo.jpg

Foci_kupa.jpg Drog_Art.jpg

LOGO Youth Point Network

It is a network in Vas county made of groups of youngsters and groups who deal with young people which shares sources, skills and knowledge with each other and forward these to the individual. Through the network, we help the members of this network and others to receive information and to make their life conditions better.

LOGO_halozati_csapatep__to.jpg LOGO-halozati-tali_1.jpg

International youth work

Through our international youth work, we transmit the diverse European values. We make a platform for young people to gain newer and newer information, to raise their tolerance into other cultures, to polish their skills they already have and to develop a specific European identity.

In our Youth Service we have qualified colleagues who can give information by phone, e-mail or personally in questions related to European education, trainings and culture to young people and people who deal with young people.

  • Youth in Action Program – international youth exchanges – hosting and sending
  • Youth in Action Program – European Volunteer Service (EVS) – sending
  • Participating in international training courses, seminars, study visits etc.
  • Other international programs
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Full time workers:

Borsos László – service leader
borsos.laszlo at sign

Borsos-Lajos Krisztina - youth worker
lajos pont krisztina kukac vasvili pont hu



Dr. Kiss-Geosits Beatrix - mental help

Dr. Palotay Péter - youth and student rights

Végh György – drugprevention

Marótiné Nagy Helga - education and career

Horváth Zsanett - education and career





SRT LOGO Youth Service
9700 Szombathely, Óperint u. 1.
Mobil: +36
E-mail: logo kukac vasvili pont hu



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